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Analogue two way radios operate on fixed channels and their use requires an operating licence from Ofcom. One licence is required per system (not per radio) and will be applied for by us on your behalf if necessary. Licences are renewed periodically depending on the type of the licence you require.

The higher transmit power of licensed two way radios, around 10 times the power of licence free two way radio, gives greater radio coverage. Generally, two way radios are used 'back to back' (radio to radio) to cover several square miles of terrain and is probably the most economical form of instant voice communications. As users are naturally organised into groups it is typical that each group is assigned a channel and they operate on one channel at a time. If the user needs to talk to another group they simply change channel. In some cases the radio may have a scan facility but this often slows communications. Each channel requires an allocated frequency from Ofcom and naturally the power, aerial type and frequency of the equipment influences radio signal coverage. As a simple form of low cost communications for factory or open site use, radio is hard to beat and, it costs nothing to make calls. Entry level licensed two way radios are available from a wide range of manufacturers and cost �150.00- �250.00 and are ideally suited for this type of use.

Analogue two way radio also offers the user the chance to extend or improve their two way radio coverage through the use of repeaters. A repeater acts as a mid-way point for a radio signal. In the case of an obstruction, the repeater is ideally placed on top of the obstruction giving a clear path over or around it. In the case of distance, then a repeater effectively shortens the distance by acting as a hop or bounces to improve the signal and increase the range. One repeater can only give one independent voice channel so if improved coverage is required on more than one independent channel then more repeaters will be necessary. Normally in this situation trunked radio becomes more effective.

More sophisticated analogue two way radios enable us to offer two way radio solutions built around a clients individual needs. These solutions include, Complex Coverage Issues, Dispatch, GPS Tracking, Guard Tour Management, Integrating with Building Management Systems, Mandown and Lone Worker Protection, Radio Over IP (ROIP), Shop Watch, Telemetry and Data Messaging, Telephone Interconnect, Voice Encryption and Voice Recording. Only the worlds leading manufacturers are in a position to manufacture radios that will integrate to form these solutions and typically they cost in the region of �250.00 - �450.00.

As authorised distributers for Motorola, Vertex Standard, Icom, Tait, Kenwood, and Entel we are fully qualified to provide sales and service support for their entire two-way radio product portfolios.

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We have historically used licence free radios for our school and as a result suffered with poor communication and constant failure of the equipment. Eemits provided us with entry level licensed radios with built in panic alarms to compliment our emergency evacuation procedures. Our communications are now exceptionally clear and we are confident that we have been supplied the right product for our needs.

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