Eemits Communications

Consumer Code of Practice

Our consumer code of practice for complaint handling & dispute resolution (Consumer Code) informs you about our products, services, and customer care policies and sets out the standards you should expect from us.

Provision of a Consumer Code is a legal requirement under the Telecommunications Act 2003 and you should check that any other communications provider you deal with also has a code.

Our Consumer Code has been approved by Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator.

Our consumer code applies to our residential customers and small businesses (less than ten employees, volunteers or contractors) and this leaflet briefly summarises our commitments and responsibilities to you.

  • We will act fairly and responsibly in all our dealings with you.
  • We will help you to understand how our telephony products and services work.
  • We will deal with things that go wrong quickly and sympathetically

The code sets out in detail our policies on:

  • Marketing and promotions
  • Our terms and conditions of business
  • Cancellations
  • Access to price lists
  • Customers with special needs
  • Faults and repairs
  • Billing
  • Compensation and refunds
  • Complaints
  • Dispute resolution

All our staff are briefed on the contents of this Code of Practice and copies are available from us free of charge on request.

Click on the link below to download a full copy of our consumer code of practice for complaint handling & dispute resolution.

pdf documentEemits Communications Consumer Code