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Understand and interpret

In order to provide an effective solution to a communication problem it is vital to understand and interpret exact customer requirements

We're more than happy to talk to, listen to and find the right solution for anyone - from a single driver requiring an aerial installation on his vehicle to a blue-chip multinational needing communications for an offshore project.

We will ask a lot of questions because we need to know how you've dealt with your communications issues in the past, what solution you need right now and what your plans are for the future - just as we did for the Middlesbrough Safer Shopping Scheme.

Originally the Scheme used an analogue radio system which became less and less capable of handling the increasing demands placed on it. Problems included the lack of caller ID and emergency alarm, poor integration between users and persistent coverage black spots, such as department store basement areas. During a series of consultations, we came up with several viable alternatives to the existing system and let the Scheme management make their own decision on the basis of their current and future requirements.

We built and tested a three-channel trunked radio system, which took less than a day to install, and we dealt directly with OFCOM on the Scheme's behalf when it came to licencing administration and frequency allocation.

The new system now covers those black spots and links stores, police, street wardens, security guards and the town's CCTV hub. Subsequent upgrades include voice recording with time and date stamping for legal use.

We were allowed to have vital input through the process and were not told 'This is what you want', which was a standpoint that a number of companies adopted.

The whole transition which included the issue of new contracts and radio equipment was surprisingly problem-free, which is largely down to the advice and guidance offered and the competent work of Eemits Communications.

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