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Dispatch allows you to keep track of the workloads, availability and position of operatives and logistics therefore streamlining communication and workflows.

Common applications include: Mobile command, and small or large control rooms.

The principal is simple. Dispatch shows you your nearest operative to a job and alerts them to your requirement. The operative then confirms that they have received the request and are dealing with it or are on there way to it. They then confirm that they have started the job, then eventually that they have finished the job.

Usually these messages can be transferred to the base station using a simple one click operation by the operator. At the same time you can view exact position of the operative through GPS tracking.

Dispatch systems can improve staff performance, enhance safety, eliminate errors in task communication and speed response to standard or emergency situations.

Common uses include:

Dispatch systems are commonly integrated with other systems including Digital two-way radio, Integrated Building Management, GPS, Telemetry & Data and IP site connect.

We are now in our second rental term with Eemits and have found it to be an economical way of ensuring that we have the latest equipment at an affordable price.

In addition the headache of maintaining and repairing the equipment is also removed as it's all included in the price.

Darlington FC

Eemits had an excellent track record in providing similar communications systems to a wide spectrum of industries and were willing to work with us to come up with ways to help our field operations.

Mouchel Business Services

Eemits have offered help and at times assisted us with difficulties that, without them, we would have struggled to resolve.

We continue to use their support services and would happily recommend them to any other company who need a robust communications system combined with a support team.

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