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Children and young people are in your care - you can't afford to take chances.

A village primary school or a multi-site city university? Essentially, your needs are the same: the safety of pupils, staff and students, and instant communication between your staff.

For primary and smaller schools, we provide jargon-free, simple-to-use, licence free two-way radios (walkie-talkies) that allow easy communication between staff, whether teachers, caretakers or playground supervisors. The same low-cost units can be used away from the site, on trips or sports fixtures. For larger schools, with more staff, we'd look at low-cost, analogue two-way radios - rugged, better coverage and with additional facilities such as caller ID and emergency panic buttons. If necessary, a simple repeater to enhance the radio coverage can be added to allow communications with more hard-to-reach areas of the school. Similarly, for schools in remote valleys and villages, who are not on the main Local Education Authority corporate LAN, we can use Wireless Broadband Networks to ensure they are kept in the communications loop.

For multi-site colleges and universities, we can design seamless and robust multi-tasking, two-way radio systems based on digital or trunked radio technology that can, for example, dispatch jobs to teams in the field, monitor workers or allow 'conference calls'. At the more sophisticated level, 'building management systems' can be incorporated capable, for instance, of sending messages to specific individuals or teams when a building equipment failure or evacuation alarm is triggered.

The radios we purchased are robust and easy to use with minimal set up, the desktop chargers work well and have a clear indication of when the charge is complete.

Thanks again for your professional help with this and making the transition as smooth as possible.

Bede Academy

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