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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking systems capture GPS location information and relay it back to a central server or dispatch centre. Generally the information includes location, speed and heading, but it can also be used to trigger such events as immobilising an engine or locking and unlocking doors.

Most systems offer real time tracking, others can store the data ready to be downloaded and analysed at a later time. Many new systems adopt both methods, where the data is transferred in real time, but if a data connection to the network is lost, the system stores the data in an internal memory and will transfer the data once a connection has been made again.

Common uses include:

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Surveillance

As well as these traditional uses, a growing area for GPS tracking is the internal tracking of employees for safety purposes and assets for increased efficiency. Internal tracking is achieved using Positioning Beacons, which means employees and assets can be instantly located.

If in distress, employees can press a panic alarm which sends a short data massage to the controller with exact location information of where to send assistance. Mandown alarms can also be triggered by lack of activity or tilt of a radio and GPS can locate that staff member.

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