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Guard Tour Management

Guard Tour Management systems work through the use of waypoint badges or positioning beacons, placed along a predetermined route, which scan a specially adapted radio.

The information is then sent back to a central computer located in a dispatch suite which acts as a time and date record of a patrol. Voice, text and status messages are also recorded at the dispatch centre for future monitoring, audit and resource planning. Custom reporting can be programmed to provide outputs for Health and Safety reporting.

Guard Tour Management systems are extremely effective for the monitoring and management of security rounds, where a patrol is laid out to be followed by security guards.

It is also a valuable tool in the following industries:

  • Facilities & property management;
  • Fire/safety equipment inspections in hazardous areas
  • Special event reporting
  • Emergency lighting verification
  • Intruder alarm detection and management
  • Perimeter intruder alarm management
  • General plant and equipment alarm monitoring
  • Staff management
  • Personnel time and attendance monitoring
  • Areas of high security risk.

Other functions can be added to Guard Tour Management systems including mandown systems. A tilt level sensor can trigger an alarm if the radio is tilted beyond a pre-programmed threshold (usually 45, 60 or 90 degrees). Additionally panic alarms can be activated using a single press of a panic button.

It is good that I can just talk to one of the engineers and be talked through problems over the phone, rather than wait for them to come over and incur call out charges.

Middlesbrough Council

We've found Eemits to be a Company who listen to our needs and then present us with technically sound solutions. They offer the type of advice that I would normally be charged for so it's great to use a Company who offer a free technical support line as part and parcel of their after sales service.


Based on the advice of the Eemits Team we have made the switch over to MotoTRBO Digital Radios and as a direct result we now have effective and clear communications across our sites. We are really happy with the service we receive from Eemits.


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