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Seamless coverage is critical in any healthcare environment - whether hospitals, clinics, walk-in centres or surgeries. For lone workers and staff on duty in these healthcare establishments, we provide analogue hand-portable radios with panic buttons. When the panic button is activated it will automatically send an alarm call to other radio users as well as to other devices such as mobile phones, landline phones, public address systems and via e-mail.

Large hospitals, in particular, demand specialist solutions. Multiple voice and data channels are generally required as standard, so we would recommend a digital or trunked two-way radio system. These allow a wide range of features to be incorporated: external and internal GPS tracking of staff; panic buttons; 'lone worker' and 'man down' alarms; integration with building management systems and alarms, which can auto-dial emergency services or send priority calls and messages to selective users such as 'fire teams'. In addition, the systems allow private one-to-one calling, voice messaging, automatic safety polling, remote logging on and off duty, audit trails and, if a radio is lost or stolen, the ability to stun and revive the radio. A telephone interconnect allows contact with people either inside or outside the hospital who are not connected to the radio network.

Hospital staff cannot use any high-power transmitting devices (such as two-way radios) that could interfere with critical care equipment. In these situations, we provide two-way radio systems that operate on low power through the use of a distributed antennae system. This system also ensures strong radio coverage even for locations below-ground, high-level or in the surrounds of buildings. We can also incorporate ground-to-air communication systems for one-to-one contact with helicopter emergency services.

Hospitals typically occupy several sites that are sometimes geographically separated so it's vitally important to offer a seamless two-way radio solution linking the sites using IP site connect either by their own LAN or by a Wireless Networking Broadband solution.

For porters and maintenance teams in healthcare establishments its essential to keep track of the workloads, availability and their known positions. Dispatch solutions allow management teams to coordinate this effectively and efficiently therefore streamlining communication and workflows.

Past Projects

Reactive Maintenance Reactive Maintenance

One of Europe's leading emergency response providers is supported by Eemits Communications with a 2 hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) which operates 24/7/365 days a year.

eemits communications - problem solvers eemits communications - problem solvers

Overall impression is excellent , good rapport has been built up with Eemits over the years. If there are any supply problems at least I am kept informed which is rare these days and very pleasing.

Thank you for your many years of professional service and I hope it will continue for many more.

Middlesbrough Council Fleet Services

Eemits proved themselves to be a value added solution provider throughout the entire selection and implementation process. They were actively involved from the outset in helping us select the right technology for our needs.

Eemits built us a bespoke two-way radio solution that gives us all the functionality we need today and are likely to require in the foreseeable future, while avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

Harrogate International Centre

We were allowed to have vital input through the process and were not told 'This is what you want', which was a standpoint that a number of companies adopted.

The whole transition which included the issue of new contracts and radio equipment was surprisingly problem-free, which is largely down to the advice and guidance offered and the competent work of Eemits Communications.

Middlesbrough Council

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