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A job done well

Development of the company has resulted in steady growth to the extent that we now install radio equipment nationwide.

Our teams can travel throughout the UK for any kind of installation, but the service doesn�t stop there. We make sure any previous system is transferred properly to a new installation, and remain on hand to iron out any wrinkles that appear, just as we did for Lucite International. Their old system was extremely dated � in fact it was so old that spares were extremely difficult to find � so Lucite came to us for a replacement. We discussed a number of options with them, agreed on the best one and planned the changeover with them. We also gave their design department engineering input for the construction of the infrastructure the new system needed. The installation itself went smoothly. As did the commissioning, power-up and system transfer � all of which were achieved with no significant downtime. However, complications in the form of interference from other users set in because Lucite were unable to keep their existing radio frequencies. We took up the matter with OFCOM on Lucite�s behalf and were able to arrange the return of their original frequencies.

We are very happy with the service we get from Eemits. It is well known that Eemits staff have good knowledge of what they're doing and problems are dealt with in an effective and timely manner.

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