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Integrating Building Management Systems

Integrating Building Management Systems with two way radio systems makes sure that the right employee is dispatched the correct task automatically, safely and efficiently.

This intelligent dispatch of alarms and tasks ensures that the most qualified person handles any issues in a timely fashion. Alarms and tasks can be sent via text message and can be escalated, closed and acknowledged by and to different radio technologies including TETRA, digital radio, MPT1327 Trunked Radio, and other communication devices such as pagers, mobile phones and even email depending on the pre-defined escalation path.

The following feature set:

  • Integrated Watch Schedule: allows managers to co-ordinate the work schedule with the alarm escalation ensuring only staff on duty are sent alarms.
  • Competencies Analysis: ensures alarms are only sent to employees with the relevant skills.
  • Prioritised Alarms: ensures that the correct resource is utilised at the right time and urgency level.
  • Ensured Alarm handling: ability to assign back up employees to handle alarms.
  • Easy Internet Access: the system can be controlled via a web browser, remotely.

Eemits have offered help and at times assisted us with difficulties that, without them, we would have struggled to resolve.

We continue to use their support services and would happily recommend them to any other company who need a robust communications system combined with a support team.

Lucite International Ltd

Prior to the installation of our current system onsite communications were poor. Eemits Communications offered us guidance and advice on the different technologies available and delivered a highly effective system on time and within our budget. Its success has led to other departments using the system.

North Tees Hospital

Eemits Communications Ltd have been involved in work at Hartlepool Power Station for over 10 years now. During this time they have installed an Aerial network through our buildings to enable more efficient internal radio communications.

I have found the staff highly professional at all times and willing to provide help whenever they can, I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Hartlepool Power Station

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