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Licence Free Radio

Licence Free 2 way radios are often called Walkie Talkies. They are a cost effective, easy to use simple day to day radio. Walkie Talkies are sometimes described as PMR 446 (or Private Mobile Radios) Radios and operate at the 446 MHz frequency.

Because there is no licence to pay they are ideally suited for family fun and recreational activities, or for businesses that need to stay in touch over a short range. Other uses include:

  • Family / recreational use
  • Sports
  • Outdoor sports
  • School trips
  • Large shops
  • Simple business use or sites
  • Simple security

Walkie Talkies have a limited range compared to other 2 way radios. In a straight line you can often achieve 5-7 miles but this can be as low as 1-500 meters in an urban environment. They have 8 channels, with each channel having a further 38 CTCSS (think of them as sub channels) on each channel. These combinations will always give you a channel to talk on.

Because they are licence free, Walkie Talkies are cross brand compatible, meaning that you can talk between Motorola Walkie Talkies, Icom Walkie Talkies or any other brand that you may have.

For cheap Walkie Talkies our range starts at around �25 going up to �100 for twin pack or heavily featured radios.

Licence Free Two Way Radio Products

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We have historically used licence free radios for our school and as a result suffered with poor communication and constant failure of the equipment. Eemits provided us with entry level licensed radios with built in panic alarms to compliment our emergency evacuation procedures. Our communications are now exceptionally clear and we are confident that we have been supplied the right product for our needs.

Moor House School

We've found Eemits to be a Company who listen to our needs and then present us with technically sound solutions. They offer the type of advice that I would normally be charged for so it's great to use a Company who offer a free technical support line as part and parcel of their after sales service.


Overall impression is excellent , good rapport has been built up with Eemits over the years. If there are any supply problems at least I am kept informed which is rare these days and very pleasing.

Thank you for your many years of professional service and I hope it will continue for many more.

Middlesbrough Council Fleet Services

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