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Local authorities have wide-ranging needs and operate over wide-ranging areas. Our solutions are tailored to the requirements of individual departments. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all.

Staff in libraries, parks, gardens and road-cleansing departments need straightforward analogue two-way radio systems - with the addition of a panic button and caller ID for those in vulnerable situations. Similarly, 'care-link' services, provided for the protection of the elderly or disabled in their homes, need simple-to-use two-way radios. In addition, care services need radio coverage over a wide geographical area; regional two-way radio systems offer a genuinely cost-effective alternative to mobile phones.

Staff on the move, such as highways maintenance and refuse collection, need robust, in-vehicle radios with GPS tracking that can cover a wide area. The latter not only provides an audit trail - useful for time planning and for re-routing teams to respond to emergencies - but can also be integrated with telemetry messaging systems for collection of data; for example, the weight of bar-coded refuse bins or the distribution of grit on winter roads. Text messaging and panic buttons are standard options.

Foot-patrolling officers, such as those in control of car parking and local authority enforcement, need hand-held radios that allow them to be tracked and include a panic alarm. Voice recording and GPS audit trails are useful for providing evidence if parking fines are contested or an enforcement officer is verbally or physically assaulted during the course of his work. We can provide a telephone interconnect to allow instant patching to office-based colleagues, the police and other third parties, such as vehicle removal companies.

We can also help with CCTV coverage. An increasingly popular, and cost-effective alternative, is the use of wireless broadband networks. Replacing a CCTV fibre network with a wireless broadband networking solution can save local authorities thousands of pounds by removing the need for disruptive and costly roadworks and cabling, and on-going fibre costs. The solution has extremely low latency times and excellent stability ensuring high picture quality.

Where communications between several departments - or simultaneously across all departments - are needed, we can provide a bespoke, secure, wide-area analog, digital or trunk radio network that will cover both a broad geographical area and more remote locations using IP site connect and radio over IP.

Past Projects

Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance

A local authority recently approached Eemits Communications to look at ways to minimise the risk of their 2-way radio system malfunctioning causing a potential health and safety risk to employees when required to work alone.

eemits communications - problem solvers eemits communications - problem solvers

We were allowed to have vital input through the process and were not told 'This is what you want', which was a standpoint that a number of companies adopted.

The whole transition which included the issue of new contracts and radio equipment was surprisingly problem-free, which is largely down to the advice and guidance offered and the competent work of Eemits Communications.

Middlesbrough Council

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