Wireless Broadband Networks: 2 way radio solutions

Wireless Broadband Networks

Wireless Broadband Newtworks can provide your organisation with a trusted solution for Point-to-Point, Point to Multi Point or Outdoor Wireless Mesh networks.

Point to Point networks

Operating in a variety of radio frequency (RF) bands at Ethernet data rates from 7.5 Mbps to 368 Mbps (full duplex), PTP systems are Internet Protocol (IP) optimized Ethernet bridges which create a wireless link between two points.

Typical PTP solutions for business and government applications include

  • Building-to-building connectivity and Campus connectivity for multiple buildings in a campus setting
  • High-speed wireless backhaul to remove network bottlenecks
  • Leased-line replacement to eliminate or reduce recurring fees
  • Video surveillance extensions beyond the constraints of a wired network
  • Wired and wireless network redundancy
  • Connectivity to support Voice-over-IP, streaming video and multimedia
  • Communications support for roaming teams
  • WiMAX and LTE backhaul

Point to Multi Point networks

Point to Multi Point (PMP) solutions deliver high-speed voice, data and video communications to multiple people in multiple locations.

Wireless broadband access is delivered in a wide variety of spectrum choices including licensed 3.65, 3.3 - 3.8, 4.9 GHz and unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7 and 5.9 GHz.

Typically PMP networks help enhance productivity, improve security and reduce operating costs:

  • PMP networks make broadband access to multiple locations extremely cost-effective and are ideal for connecting educational and corporate campuses and municipal or government facilities, as well as the residential or business customers of service providers.
  • PMP networks are an alternative to leased lines because they remove the monthly costs associated with leased lines while at the same time improving control and overall network performance.

Outdoor Wireless Mesh networks

Mesh Wide area networks provide WiFi solutions that are scalable easy to deploy and affordable.

MOTOMESH Duo is available either in a single radio configuration with a 2.4GHz WiFi radio (802.11 b/g) or in a two radio configuration with an additional 5.8, 5.4 or 4.9GHz (802.11a) radio.

In a single radio configuration, the 2.4GHz radio is used for both client access and node-to-node mesh links. This option is ideal for network deployments where coverage and service at a low cost is paramount. In the two radio configuration, the 5.8 or 5.4GHz radio is dedicated for node to- node mesh traffic, while the 2.4GHz radio is used for client access. This configuration delivers increased performance and interference mitigation capabilities with lower latency than the single radio configuration.

Typical applications include:

  • Fixed Camera Connectivity
  • Campus Surveillance
  • Mobile Office
  • Field Reporting
  • Database Access
  • Fleet / Asset Management
  • Public Transport Surveillance
  • Traffic Cameras
  • Incident / Event Management
  • Criminal Database Access
  • Traffic Optimization
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Public and Private Use WiFi
  • River / Stream Pollution Monitoring
  • Water Main Leak Detection
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Facility Management

Eemits Communications were selected as our main radio and equipment providers following a tendering process in early 2006. We have been working closely Eemits Communications ever since.

Middlesbrough Council

We are very happy with the service we get from Eemits. It is well known that Eemits staff have good knowledge of what they're doing and problems are dealt with in an effective and timely manner.

Lucite International

We needed a supplier that could offer speed of response in order to ensure continuity of systems. Suppliers need to build relationships with clients in order to understand ongoing requirements to enable them to offer effective solutions.


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