The Daddy of All Systems

The Daddy of All Systems

Do you know about ‘The Daddy of All Systems?’ Bringing two-way radio communications into the digital age, our unique and flexible modular service platform – TRBOCALL – allows companies to significantly improve operational efficiency and productivity, whilst also increasing worker safety.

Why the ‘Daddy of All Systems?’ Well quite simply, as far as Eemits Communications is concerned, our unique combination of hardware as a service and bespoke software applications with digital features, further combined with an unrivalled network coverage, is the best two-way digital radio solution on the market. And that’s why it is the Daddy!

Designed for use by companies within the manufacturing, utilities, petrochemical and public sectors the system can be tailored to suit individual business needs.

TRBOCALL is an engine comprising four elements:


We have heavily invested in a fool-proof cloud based network, whereby we can guarantee that there Is no single failure that can bring the system down.

Our customers have an option to connect to a network onsite or via the cloud.


Our robust hardware is rugged in design and we have a range of devices from hand portable and handsfree right through to in vehicle equipment.

Our customers choose the right hardware for their business needs.


TRBOCALL has over 15 software applications, ranging from Man Down, Lone Worker and Remote Monitor. The functionality of the different software applications enable businesses to increase safety, productivity and safety.

Our customers select the right software for their business needs.

Service Wrap

Our TRBOCALL modular platform comes with a fully comprehensive guarantee as standard, meaning our customers have the highest level of protection.

Our customers receive ultimate peace of mind.

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