Protect Your Lone Workers

Protect Your Lone Workers

Did you know that currently only 6% of lone workers in the UK are protected using lone worker alarms?

With an estimated 6.8 million lone workers in the UK, these staggeringly low percentages highlight the great need for employees to install measures that will protect their workforce.

Regularly working alone – without contact or supervision – can leave lone workers in an incredibly vulnerable position should an accident or incident occur and there is no way of the worker to get in touch with anyone to initiate a response. Incidents can include anything from workers taking ill-health, tripping or falling right through to suffering physical or verbal abuse from other people.

Eemits Communications, has an ultra-smart solution that can protect your workers.

TRBOCALL – our flexible modular service system combining two-way digital radio devices with sophisticated software applications – offers a range of features that can guarantee the safety of your lone workers. These include:

Lone Worker

A function which allows a worker’s whereabouts to be monitored and an emergency alarm to be sounded should an employee fail to respond to periodic alerts. Workers also have the option to trigger an alarm if they are presented with danger.

Man Down

This function will trigger an emergency alarm if a worker with a radio was to fall over. The emergency alarm will also be automatically activated if a worker is non-responsive for a long period of time.

PTT (Push-to-Talk)

Allows all workers to stay in contact with each other at the push of a button.

Location Tracking

With built in GPS, businesses can track the whereabouts of all lone workers.

TRBOCALL is an ideal solution for lone workers in sectors including manufacturing, utilities, petrochemical and the public sector. Built with a rugged design, our ATEX radios are designed to withstand explosive environments.

Employees have a duty of care to protect its lone workers, and the penalties for failure to do so can be substantial. We work closely alongside companies to tailor a solution that is right for the business and the safety of its employers to offer a solution that gives full peace of mind.

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