Upgrade Your Two-Way Radio System with Eemits

Upgrade Your Two-Way Radio System with Eemits

Want to upgrade your two-way radio systems but donít want to incur hefty costs? With Eemits modular platform - comprising infrastructure, hardware, software, service wrap, features and accessories Ė we offer flexible solutions for your business enabling you to pick the elements of the system that you require.

So, if you already have your radios and are happy with your current hardware, yet feel you could upgrade your system with sophisticated software applications - to increase productivity, safety and efficiency Ė speak to Eemits and we can advise you on how we can integrate our technologically advanced software with your existing set up.

This means that you can upgrade your system with absolutely no redundancy of equipment. Whatís more is we have a selection of over 15 software applications and features and we can advise you on the ones that will be most beneficial to your business and how they can help to drive productivity, increase safety and improve efficiencies.

Want to know more or book an appointment to have a technical demonstration? Simply call 0800 328 0100 or email info@eemits.co.uk.