Upgrade Your Two-Way Radio Communications with Fool-Proof Infrastructure

Upgrade Your Two-Way Radio Communications with Fool-Proof Infrastructure

One of the most important elements of two-way radio communications for any business is knowing that you are going to receive great quality radio coverage, and, at all times.

Independently connected using IP architecture, Eemits Capacity Max network – currently available throughout the whole of the North East - is essentially cloud based and through heavy investment in our infrastructure consisting of multiple hill top radio transmitter sites, we can 100% guarantee an uninterrupted service at any given time.

For further peace of mind for our clients we have also ensured the system has a high level of redundancy built in to protect it against power or IT failure.

And what’s more, with the system being cloud based, businesses are no longer required to deploy their own radio infrastructure consisting of repeaters and antennas and associated Ofcom licensing eliminating the need for large capital outlay, lengthy admin processes, whilst also reducing costs.

Our robust infrastructure offering forms an integral part of our flexible modular platform, TRBOCALL, which further comprises hardware, software, service wrap, features and accessories. All elements can be delivered individually, or tailored as one system.

This unique modular platform delivers on economies of scale as it enables our clients to pick the right elements of our extensive offering for their business, which enables our clients to significantly improve safety whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.

Want to know more? Visit http://www.eemits.co.uk/documents/eemits-trbocall-catestudy.pdf or call us on 0800 328 0100