Eemits Supplies Radios to Sunderland RAF Air Cadets

Eemits Supplies Radios to Sunderland RAF Air Cadets

Eemits Communications has recently delivered a series of Icom IC-F4002 Radios to Sunderland Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Cadets that will be used to improve communications and increase safety at major events including next year’s highly anticipated Sunderland airshow, key expeditions, day walks and many others.

Delivered this week, the radios will be used to initially train the cadets in radio protocol and procedure, prior to being used at events set to generate a lot of public interest. The training forms part of a full communication syllabus delivered by the RAF Air Cadets, which enables cadets to earn a Blue, Bronze, Silver or Gold badge.

Flight Lieutenant James Yeo based at the 111 Sunderland Squadron explained that the radios will be used to teach essential life skills, such as confidence, good communication and diction.

With almost 56,000 air cadets and volunteers participating in exciting events and adventures all over the country, the RAF Air Cadets offers the chance to give hands-on life experience of activities and courses that challenge and develop key skills.

Icom is renowned for designing and manufacturing the most technically advanced two-way radio products across the world, which are well known for their high quality and superior performance. The radios provided are rugged in design and will be at key asset in improving communications for the cadets.