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Radio Over IP

Radio over IP allows organisations to link different radio systems across a single site or multiple sites that are geographically separate, either locally or globally. Full radio systems can be integrated to share voice and data.

Typical use cases include:

  • Enables interoperability between different two way radio technologies including TETRA, Trunked MPT1327, Digital and Analogue two way radio
  • Can replace leased lines and ongoing fees for their rental
  • Linking organisation sites either building to building or country to country
  • Affordable and in-expensive
  • Ability to extend the command and control function of radio systems
  • Telephone Interconnect and Dispatch Integration

We've found Eemits to be a Company who listen to our needs and then present us with technically sound solutions. They offer the type of advice that I would normally be charged for so it's great to use a Company who offer a free technical support line as part and parcel of their after sales service.


We needed a supplier that could offer speed of response in order to ensure continuity of systems.

Suppliers need to build relationships with clients in order to understand ongoing requirements to enable them to offer effective solutions.

Eemits has demonstrated this type of supplier/client relationship by working with us to find proactive solutions to operational issues.

SembCorp UK

Prior to the installation of our current system onsite communications were poor. Eemits Communications offered us guidance and advice on the different technologies available and delivered a highly effective system on time and within our budget. Its success has led to other departments using the system.

North Tees Hospital

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