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Ease the burden

Given the various financial arrangements of many of our customers we have found that some often benefit from a rental agreement.

A rental agreement enables customers to afford more, to improve their cash flow, and to keep pace with modern radio communication technology. More importantly a rental agreement is easier to finance than a one-off purchase and is frequently viewed as part of a company's running costs. We offer tailor made rental solutions to meet the needs of the individual customer and as with our hire arrangements, maintenance and licencing are included in the price.

  • A rental option is offered to all customers as an alternative to purchasing Radio Communications equipment
  • A rental agreement can cover one, two, three or five years
  • The number of units on rental can increase or decrease during the rental period. Thus, allowing flexibility for any eventuality in your business throughout the rental period.
  • The longer an agreement covers the cheaper the monthly rental will become for our customers.
  • Rental prices vary depending on the type of equipment, how long the equipment is required and whether the equipment is programmed onto our various systems.
  • Maintenance of the equipment is included in the monthly rental price - covering all parts and labour required for a repair during the rental period. Again this is based on fair wear and tear.
  • A rental then purchase option can also be provided if required

We are very happy with the service we get from Eemits. It is well known that Eemits staff have good knowledge of what they're doing and problems are dealt with in an effective and timely manner.

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