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Discreet, reliable, professional protection and communication - whatever size your business.

Swift and secure communications, delivering reliable information, are the priorities for retail businesses, whether single shops, shopping malls or town centre complexes.

Low cost Business Licence-free or low-cost, analogue two-way radios are suitable for single stores where there's a need for staff in different areas or on different floors to be in touch. Caller ID and discreet ear-pieces and microphones can be included to ensure sensitive conversations are not overheard.

For shopping malls and town and city centres, where there's a large area to be covered - often over different levels - we'd recommend digital or trunked two-way radios together with 'repeaters' and distributed antennae systems to ensure strong and consistent radio coverage. The primary needs here, for both management teams and individual shop owners, are safety and security: alerting others to the presence of potential shop-lifters, professional thieves working in co-ordinated teams, or incidents of anti-social behaviour.

In addition, management teams need to communicate with maintenance and security teams. We can design retail two-way radio systems that include a Guard Tour Management software suite. This provides lone worker and man down features which, when enabled with internal and external GPS, immediately identifies the member of staff in need of help and their location. It also provides detailed audit trails, recording the times and positions of staff, as well as records of all voice and data traffic.

Town centre shops can also be linked to one another, and to the police and town management CCTV control centres, to share information; sometimes referred to as Shopwatch or Town Link schemes.

Eemits Communications were selected as our main radio and equipment providers following a tendering process in early 2006. We have been working closely Eemits Communications ever since.

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