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Security and Covert

Tough jobs need tough protection; robust, reliable, fail-safe systems.

Our security two-way radio systems give both employees and management peace of mind. They're designed to summon instant back-up if a situation becomes dangerous or uncertain. We work with clients in industries ranging from surveillance and security to nuclear power and banking.

Solutions don't have to be costly. Entry-level, analogue two-way radios are adequate for small areas that need to be guarded; for example constructions sites and industrial estates. For additional protection, panic buttons, 'lone worker' and 'man down' features can be integrated to the radio. When combined with a Guard Tour Management software suite, with internal and external GPS tracking, the system is an invaluable tool for managers who need to gather audit trails for clients.

For companies with a number of sites spread over a wide geographical area radio coverage is important. We can provide a regional, secure, wide-area analog or digital or trunk radio network that will cover a defined geographical area. If companies have other sites distributed outside of the regional network, including sites overseas, then these sites can also be added to the regional network using IP site connect and radio over IP. Radio over IP enables interoperability between different Two Way Radio technologies including TETRA, Trunked, Digital and Analogue Two Way Radio, which maybe the case for companies with sites based around the UK and overseas.

For high-risk targets - such as security workers in nuclear power stations or staff handling the transfer of money - we can incorporate a voice encryption facility. As a result, conversations and vital information will appear 'scrambled' to any unauthorised listeners.

Surveillance businesses - such as detective agencies or customs officials - require highly discreet as well as robust systems. We can design two-way radio surveillance systems for people on the move and who might be out of reach of a two-way radio communications network - for example, we can fit cars and vans with in-vehicle repeaters to ensure constant radio coverage. In situations where personnel need to melt into the background, we supply discreet earpieces and microphones, and can employ tricks such as disguising antennae as car aerials. We can also provide systems that can discreetly detect the presence of mobile phones; a typical scenario would be in a prison or nuclear power station

We've found Eemits to be a Company who listen to our needs and then present us with technically sound solutions. They offer the type of advice that I would normally be charged for so it's great to use a Company who offer a free technical support line as part and parcel of their after sales service.


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