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Our expertise stretches through the sales support role to bespoke radio communication system design, build and installation.

We don't offer off-the-shelf communications systems because there's no such thing as an off-the-shelf customer. We do, however, design, build and install individual communication systems to suit our customers' business needs as well as those of their staff, as we did for the Harrogate International Centre. Originally, event managers and organisers at the centre used three individual analogue radio channels which staff often couldn't connect to at peak usage times. Discreet one-to-one conversations were impossible because the system was open channel, and the handsets were too large and heavy for the staff to carry easily. They also needed frequent recharging because of their short battery duty cycle. By the time the centre management came to us, staff were using their own pagers and mobile phones as an alternative to a communications system that was in need of a complete overhaul. We ran a series of workshops in which management and staff came up with a list of 'essential' and 'desirable' communications requirements that enabled us to design a single four channel trunked radio system to replace the multiple technologies that were no longer up to the job. The system was installed at the centre in half a day. It interfaces with the centre's telephone network and alarm systems and costs 60% less to run than other leading mobile technologies. Now, staff can always connect to the system. They can have private conversations when they need to, and they no longer have to lug heavy handsets around the centre.

Eemits proved themselves to be a value added solution provider throughout the entire selection and implementation process. They were actively involved from the outset in helping us select the right technology for our needs.

Eemits built us a bespoke two-way radio solution that gives us all the functionality we need today and are likely to require in the foreseeable future, while avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

Harrogate International Centre

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