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Choosing the right technology for your 2-way radio solution is of central importance, and we aim to present the multitude of choices to you in plain English.

From basic licence-free walkie talkies, suitable for recreational activities, to more robust analogue and digital radio solutions, we have vast experience of all 2-way radio and wireless broadband network technologies. We also specialise in more advanced ATEX, trunked radio and TETRA systems.

As a distribution partner for all of the worlds leading manufacturers including Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex Standard, Tait and Entel, we have intimate knowledge of the broad spectrum of technologies utilised in their digital and analogue radio products.

Whilst their engineers strive to provide a rapid response to any issues; they also work with you ensuring compliance with industry standards and licensing parameters. They have assisted in the development of our system, working flexibly to accommodate our requirements.

We review performance regularly and to date we have found them to have the technical expertise and professionalism demanded of our business.

SembCorp Protection

We needed a supplier that could offer speed of response in order to ensure continuity of systems. Suppliers need to build relationships with clients in order to understand ongoing requirements to enable them to offer effective solutions.


It is good that I can just talk to one of the engineers and be talked through problems over the phone, rather than wait for them to come over and incur call out charges.

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