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Telemetry and Data Messaging


Where it may be expensive, unduly complicated or even impossible to run control cabling for manufacturing processes, security surveillance cameras, temporary measurement and control functions or the monitoring of mobile devices - radio telemetry could be the solution.

A variety of radio linked modules are available for wireless measurement and control. Units are capable of encoding parallel digital and analogue signals into a serial data stream suitable for transmission by radio.

Typical remote telemetry and control applications:

  • Control your irrigation systems
  • Open and close gates
  • Monitor and alert task dispatch
  • Manage actions based on sensors reaching set limits

Data Messaging

Data Messaging Services (Text) communicate between radios and dispatch systems as well Guard Tour Management, Lone Worker and Integrated Building Systems. Data Messaging is quick, discreet and efficient and can also be extended to external IP Networks via email

Eemits Communications were selected as our main radio and equipment providers following a tendering process in early 2006. We have been working closely Eemits Communications ever since.

Middlesbrough Council

We are very happy with the service we get from Eemits. It is well known that Eemits staff have good knowledge of what they're doing and problems are dealt with in an effective and timely manner.

Lucite International

As part of Shop Watch we needed first class customer service including after sales and honest advice on the different range of radios on the market. Eemits had provided just that, I highly recommend them!

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