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Telephone Interconnect

It is not always feasible to have every operative of an organisation communicating using Two Way radios. Office staff, for example, are more likely to require the use of telephones while field operatives find the two way radio's more practical.

By using a Telephone Interconnect system, the value of a radio system is greatly increased, by allowing communication with the telephone system.

Office staff are able to contact field workers on their two way radios using their standard office desk phone. Likewise, field staff can place and receive telephone calls over their two way radio.

The benefits of this system mean that:

  • There are significant cost savings as there is less use of mobile phones or IP based telephone systems.
  • A more efficient mode of communication improves workflow.
  • Even if a mobile phone reception is not available, an operative is still contactable using the radio network to enhance coverage for example underground or on a remote campus.
  • Workers are able to contact emergency services through the touch of an emergency button, while safety messages can be broadcast to the whole radio network or group quickly and effectively.

The radios we purchased are robust and easy to use with minimal set up, the desktop chargers work well and have a clear indication of when the charge is complete.

Thanks again for your professional help with this and making the transition as smooth as possible.

Bede Academy

We are now in our second rental term with Eemits and have found it to be an economical way of ensuring that we have the latest equipment at an affordable price.

In addition the headache of maintaining and repairing the equipment is also removed as it's all included in the price.

Darlington FC

Eemits had an excellent track record in providing similar communications systems to a wide spectrum of industries and were willing to work with us to come up with ways to help our field operations.

Mouchel Business Services

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