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Big demands, 24/7, 365 days a year - your communications must never let you down. Period.

Our capabilities and standards are reassuringly high and are recognised by Achilles.

Instant communications with complete site coverage and built in redundancy that may have to comply with the ATEX directive typify the needs of workers in power-generating complexes, whether nuclear, gas, hydro, wind or oil. There is no room for failure.

Distributed antennae and multi-site digital and analogue and digital trunked radio systems, linked by corporate LAN or Wireless Broadband Networks, ensure we meet coverage demands, even in hostile and challenging locations such as dense concrete or steel. If there is power or channel failure, battery back-up UPS and automated radio channel changeover modules immediately kick in to keep communications open and ensure there is built in redundancy. For enhanced security, voice encryption facilities can be incorporated so conversations and vital information appear 'scrambled' to any unauthorised listener.

We can also 'piggy-back' other wireless technologies on the back of these systems, such as pagers.

Large power-generating sites often have dedicated control rooms; it's essential that two-way radio dispatch suites can be seamlessly integrated into their systems to allow co-ordinated control of multi-tasking teams. In addition, sophisticated calling features, such as group, one-to-one private calling and text messaging, can be achieved through digital or trunked MPT1327 two-way radio systems. Throughout, we aim to keep the control room streamlined and uncluttered while also ensuring communication systems are simple to use and utterly reliable.

To protect workers, features such as caller ID, lone worker, 'mandown' alarms, telephone interconnect and internal GPS tracking can be integrated within the two-way radio system. For greater operational efficiencies, a range of automated process and emergency alarms can be incorporated to ensure instant messages are sent to the correct response services when an alarm is activated.

As power station environments can be tough, demanding and high decibel, we offer a range of customised communications solutions. To cut out background noise, we offer specialised two-way radios and a variety of hearing-protective headsets - with hands-free operation, if necessary - that still allow comfortable and clear conversations. We also have systems specifically designed for use in confined spaces and for workers who wear heavy, protective clothing - such as chemical suits - yet need easy-to-use radios.

Eemits Communications Ltd have been involved in work at Hartlepool Power Station for over 10 years now. During this time they have installed an Aerial network through our buildings to enable more efficient internal radio communications.

I have found the staff highly professional at all times and willing to provide help whenever they can, I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.

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