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Voice Encryption

When security of the information passed between Two Way Radios is paramount, then Voice Encryption gives you the peace of mind that all of your data is only communicated to the required parties.

Protection against casual eavesdroppers can be overcome through the use of voice inversion scramblers, while even more sophisticated high security hopping code and frequency domain voice scramblers protect your conversations from more determined and technologically savvy listeners.

No matter what scrambling method we undertake, the end user to whom the message was intended will still be able to hear it loud and clear, thanks to some of the best audio recovery and speech recognition software available on the market today.

Voice Encryption is commonly used by the following industries:

  • Military: maintains classified and secret information
  • Police: protects sensitive information form eavesdropping
  • Ambulance: maintains the integrity of patient confidentiality
  • Fleets (such as taxis, breakdown firms): preserves commercially sensitive information
  • Chemical and Manufacturing industries: enables secure communication of often sensitive safety information
  • Utility Companies: protects key infrastructure

Voice Encryption can be retrospectively fitted to many two way radios or fitted at point of purchase.

We have historically used licence free radios for our school and as a result suffered with poor communication and constant failure of the equipment. Eemits provided us with entry level licensed radios with built in panic alarms to compliment our emergency evacuation procedures. Our communications are now exceptionally clear and we are confident that we have been supplied the right product for our needs.

Moor House School

The radios we purchased are robust and easy to use with minimal set up, the desktop chargers work well and have a clear indication of when the charge is complete.

Thanks again for your professional help with this and making the transition as smooth as possible.

Bede Academy

We are now in our second rental term with Eemits and have found it to be an economical way of ensuring that we have the latest equipment at an affordable price.

In addition the headache of maintaining and repairing the equipment is also removed as it's all included in the price.

Darlington FC

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