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Voice Recording

Recording and storing radio traffic can be an optional part of some businesses and organisations and a necessity in others.

Whatever the need, the requirement that the data is held safely and securely and is easily accessible by the required people is essential.

We can provide recording solutions for between 4 to 32 channels of radio communication. Additionally, our modular solutions means that adding further channels is easily achieved.

Up to 55,000 hours worth of communication can be stored on the integral hard drive and is encrypted for security purposes. Despite the encryption, it can be quickly located and played via a secure web browser by any computer on the network. Calls are searchable by time & date, duration, channel ID, caller name or notes.

Additional storage is also available using DVD or other media including NAS drives with ability to export calls via email if required.

The radios we purchased are robust and easy to use with minimal set up, the desktop chargers work well and have a clear indication of when the charge is complete.

Thanks again for your professional help with this and making the transition as smooth as possible.

Bede Academy

Based on the advice of the Eemits Team we have made the switch over to MotoTRBO Digital Radios and as a direct result we now have effective and clear communications across our sites. We are really happy with the service we receive from Eemits.


Eemits have offered help and at times assisted us with difficulties that, without them, we would have struggled to resolve.

We continue to use their support services and would happily recommend them to any other company who need a robust communications system combined with a support team.

Lucite International Ltd

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