Exceptional Customer Care Case Study

Exceptional Customer Care


Unfortunately from time to time deliveries to customers can go awry, which is what happened to one of Eemits customers recently. Luckily the staff at Eemits relish a challenge or two! Our customer required their radio order to be delivered by a certain date and time as the radios were going to be used for the Westmorland Agricultural Society Show, in Cumbria.

The day that the radios were due to be delivered, Eemits received notification from the courier that the parcel had gone missing, and the courier wasn’t able to locate it.

The customer needed the radios otherwise their event which would accommodate 35,000 attendees would not be able to go ahead the next day.


To enable the customer to receive their radios in time for use at the event Eemits decided the best solution as to prepare a replacement order for the customer and hand deliver the radios to the customer themselves. To enable the radios to be delivered in time 2 members of the Customer Services Team volunteered to start work at 05:30 the next morning to prepare a new batch of radios, then drive all the radios over from Middlesbrough to Cumbria.


The radios were delivered to the customer fully working, on time at the specified location, enabling the event to go ahead safely and start at the specified time.

Eemits always strive to exceed customer expectations in every way possible. Whilst this incident was an extreme case it does highlight the dedication of the company and especially the Customer Services Team of putting the customer first.

Eemits Communications have proved to my company that they do indeed strive to exceed customer expectations. Their Customer Service Team went above and beyond what was expected of them and I cannot thank them enough. I will definitely be using Eemits again and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Andy Clift, AC Services