Reactive Maintenance Case Study

Reactive Maintenance

Business Challenge

One of Europe's leading emergency response providers is supported by Eemits Communications with a 2 hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) which operates 24/7/365 days a year.

The 2-way radio systems operated by the emergency response provider are essential as they are used to maintain 'safe operations' to all of the sites they are responsible for. The radio system is used for emergency response, therefore communication must be available at all times.


One of Eemits service engineers was tasked with providing a solution within the agreed 2 hour SLA, despite the bad weather conditions, which required him to complete the journey to the hilltop by foot (due the inability of the 4x4 vehicle to complete the journey to the summit) carrying test and repair equipment to rectify a channel failure at the top of the hilltop site.


Any failures in any of the 2 way radio channels pose a significant threat to any front line communication systems used by the rapid response teams. Therefore due to engineer’s tenacity and willingness to go the beyond the call of duty he was able to rectify the fault within 2 hours of attending.

To further prevent this incident from re-occurring a spare channel with an automated change over unit has been put in place, allowing the front line communications to operate at full capacity. In the event of a failure Eemits Communications will be notified by e-mail so that the defective channel can be replaced at a more appropriate time.


I cannot thank Eemits enough for their help, dedication and commitment to resolving the problem with the failed channel enough. The lengths their engineer went to, to fix the problem, shows what a world class dedicated company Eemits are. I would highly recommend them for 2-way radio solutions.