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The migration from analogue to digital two way radio is well underway and many analogue radio users are now experiencing the benefits of Digital technology. However, prior to purchasing a digital two way radio system users must realise that the manufacturers of Digital two way radio are currently split into two camps that are following differently defined industry standards. These are now collectively known as digital private mobile radio (dPMR), adopted by Icom IDAS and Kenwood Nexedge, and digital mobile radio (DMR), adopted by Motorola Mototrbo. Even within their own camps some manufacturers have opted to use proprietary over the air interfaces. This means that radio users who wish to upgrade to digital have no interoperability between the two technologies or, in some cases, even between manufacturers who have adopted the same technology. This myriad of options for radio users entering the digital market for the first time can cause confusion and uncertainty about what to choose. As an independent two radio distributor with a wealth of experience and expertise we are committed to supplying digital radio communications solutions that best fits the radio users' individual requirement and budget. Handsets typically range from �300.00 - �525.00.

For the most part both dPMR and DMR standards give a digital difference that offers:

Lower licensing and equipment costs.

DMR two-way radio solutions based on Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology enable two virtual channels within a single 12.5 kHz licensed repeater channel. This provides twice the calling capacity for the price of one license. And because there's only one �real� channel, a second call doesn't require a second repeater. dPMR uses 6.25 KHz channel spacing and this ensures that two channels within a single back-to-back (simplex) 12.5 KHz channel are provided without the need for a repeater. However, if a repeater is required for increased coverage you will need two repeaters for each 6.25 KHz channel.

Expanded digital voice, data, and control capabilities. Professional customers recognize that mobile workers can be more productive if they have wireless access to useful applications. Digital radio offers application such as:

Enhanced call signaling for faster and more reliable calls

Private and secure one-to-one calling
Private and secure one-to-many calling
Private and secure one-to-all calling
Emergency pre-emptive calling

Clearer voice communications over a greater range

When signal strength drops off with distance, digital technology can accurately deliver both voice and data with virtually no loss over a far greater area.

Enhanced battery life (DMR TDMA only)

Each individual transmission only uses half the battery power of an analogue system transmitting at the same wattage - so Motorola MOTOTRBO portable radios deliver far more uptime per battery charge. Saving up to 40% on battery life.

Static and noise rejection

Analogue signals become distorted, producing audible static as signal strength degrades. By contrast, digital radios simply reject anything they interpret as an error. In turn, this helps to enable users to hear better in noisy environments

Easy migration

Many businesses can't afford to completely replace all their old analogue radios and existing infrastructure. All manufacturers of digital two way radio have provided radio users with a migration pathway. New digital two way have the ability to operate in both analogue and digital modes, which enables a smooth, planned migration at the customer's pace, no sticker shock, no disruption. (Digital features are not available when operating in analogue mode.)

Enhanced design

Smaller, lightweight and rugged system components, including submersible units (IP57 certified) to ensure maximum portability and reliability. Mil St810 certification and Accelerated Life Testing ensure durability.

Past Projects

Reactive Maintenance Reactive Maintenance

One of Europe's leading emergency response providers is supported by Eemits Communications with a 2 hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) which operates 24/7/365 days a year.

eemits communications - problem solvers eemits communications - problem solvers
Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance

A local authority recently approached Eemits Communications to look at ways to minimise the risk of their 2-way radio system malfunctioning causing a potential health and safety risk to employees when required to work alone.

eemits communications - problem solvers eemits communications - problem solvers

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Based on the advice of the Eemits Team we have made the switch over to MotoTRBO Digital Radios and as a direct result we now have effective and clear communications across our sites. We are really happy with the service we receive from Eemits.


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