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Lone Worker Protection

Two way radio lone worker and mandown systems are often used in chemical and manufacturing plants, utilities or ports and airports where personnel often cover large and remote areas or perform activities in hazardous environments. Lone worker and mandown alarms can be sent across the radio system to a variety of destinations including specific radio user groups or individuals in the form of voice, text or an audible tone. Often this can also be done via an emergency pre-recorded voice message. The alarms can also be directed to other communication devices such as PABX systems, mobile phones, pagers and even e-mail depending on the pre-defined escalation path. Depending on the response required, the lone worker alarm can also be integrated into plant DCS stop/start mechanisms.

Programmable System Features can include:

  • Mandown Alarms: can be triggered by any number of programmable events depending on the environment including:
    Vertical Tilt
    Lack of use after a pre-set amount of time
    Motion (or lack of) (Mandown)
    Panic button
  • Dead Man's Buttons: this is a simple way of ensuring the safety of workers who cannot be seen when working with large machinery. The process works by giving a radio to the worker who cannot be seen, typically a banksman, that will transmit an audible tone over the air to the worker who is operating the large machinery notifying him that all is 'green condition'. If the machine operator does not hear the audible tone then the machine is stopped, 'red condition'.
  • Mandown: triggers an alarm if the radio is motionless or tilted at a pre-defined angle that is not acceptable
  • Lone worker positioning: enables colleagues to locate the man down quickly and effectively when the alarm is triggered
  • Safe area de-activation: the lone worker protection system can be de-activated when workers are within a safe area such as a control room or rest room to prevent false alarms
  • Centralized Safety: triggers an alarm if the radio operator does not actively respond to a text message

Past Projects

Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance

A local authority recently approached Eemits Communications to look at ways to minimise the risk of their 2-way radio system malfunctioning causing a potential health and safety risk to employees when required to work alone.

eemits communications - problem solvers eemits communications - problem solvers

Whilst their engineers strive to provide a rapid response to any issues; they also work with you ensuring compliance with industry standards and licensing parameters. They have assisted in the development of our system, working flexibly to accommodate our requirements.

We review performance regularly and to date we have found them to have the technical expertise and professionalism demanded of our business.

SembCorp Protection

It is good that I can just talk to one of the engineers and be talked through problems over the phone, rather than wait for them to come over and incur call out charges.

Middlesbrough Council

Eemits Communications Ltd have been involved in work at Hartlepool Power Station for over 10 years now. During this time they have installed an Aerial network through our buildings to enable more efficient internal radio communications.

I have found the staff highly professional at all times and willing to provide help whenever they can, I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Hartlepool Power Station

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