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Keeping control over fast-moving situations - so everything moves in the right direction

Transport services, and operations where there is a complex movement of people and goods, need a 'multi-tasking' two-way radio system. One that not only offers instant communication but can also provide tracking services, audit trails and automatic alarms.

A train driver's cab, for example, can be fitted with a vigilance alarm - popularly known as a dead man's handle - to automatically indicate if the driver has a problem. The same type of alarm can also be used on some analogue radios to provide protection for lone workers engaged in railway shunting operations

Bus companies need a system tailored to their geographical area - which might include remote locations - for which we provide a bespoke digital or trunked MPT 1327 two-way radio solution. We can design it to cope with multiple users and multiple dispatch centres, plus include 'priority call' and 'panic button' features, as well as hands-free units in drivers' cabs. The system can also be integrated with local authority Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) systems to track locations, determine whether the bus is on time and automatically flag up mechanical or traffic problems that might cause timetable delays.

Airports and ports typically require communications between multiple organisations, groups and users to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. Often a multi-channel, multi-site, two-way radio system is used based on digital, tetra or trunked MPT1327 technologies. These systems allow a variety of complex functions to be incorporated into the two-way radios: ship-to-shore communication between harbour master, pilots and ships; seamless voice and GPS tracking of staff over multiple sites; panic buttons, 'lone worker' and 'man down' alarms; integrated alarms to auto-dial emergency services; remote-controlled two-way radio safety devices; hands-free installations within cranes; and data management and telemetry systems to track the movement of cargo.

Safety and security issues are particularly important in airports. Not just the obvious needs of security staff but, for example, fuel handlers who need to use intrinsically-safe (ATEX) two-way radios when working in hazardous situations.

Less complex, but no less important, are the demands of taxi companies and courier companies who typically want a no-frills analogue radio system with wide radio coverage that allows easy communication between the dispatch centre and vehicles. In addition, courier businesses typically need systems that allow vehicle tracking and audit trails, so both the 'office' and the customer know the current status.

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