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More than just your standard warranty

A maintenance package from Eemits Communications protects your investment, with prioritised repairs (with options to cover accidental damage) yearly healthchecks, technical support enabling you peace of mind and enabling your operations to run smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively.

In addition to repair and maintenance of your equipment, Eemits Communications will keep a full historical record of all visits and repairs for auditing purposes.  Providing information such as; age of equipment, service history, warranty and identification of problematic equipment.  We can also deal with Ofcom for you and deal with your licensing formalities.



Benefits of an Eemits Communications maintenance package include:

No Capital Outlay

By choosing a maintenance package, you eliminate the worry of requiring any initial capital investment by spreading the cost.


Benefit from discounted pricing for new radio equipment and trade-in’s when required.

Peace of Mind

A bespoke maintenance plan could cover you for repairs from accidental damage. (A feature not included in manufacturer warranties).

Reduced Downtime

Any maintenance or repairs required are prioritised to meet specific operational needs.


Yearly planned preventative maintenance checks are carried out to ensure your radio system is performing as well as it should. Any problems that are highlighted will be rectified by our specialist in-house fully trained 2-way radio engineers.

Specialist 2-Way Radio Engineers

Ensure your investment is supported by the very best in the field, our engineers deal with any issues (including licensing) promptly to minimise any downtime for end users.

Telephone/E-Mail Support

Help and advice is available and where necessary a query can be escalated for more complex issues and an engineer can be despatched (in accordance to your SLA) if necessary.

Software Upgrades and Historical Records

We’ll look after any software programming and upgrades that are required on your equipment. Full historical records will be kept by us on any visits or repairs for your auditing purposes.

Easier Ordering

Once your maintenance plan is in place any future orders placed can be covered by your initial purchase order.

Download our Bespoke Maintenance Information Sheet here

Frequently asked questions

1. I thought 2-way radios were tough, why do I need a maintenance package?
The radios we supply and install are designed to operate in rugged environments and conditions. Unfortunately accidents and other unplanned events do happen. Our bespoke maintenance plans help to protect your investments in communications, helping you to mitigate risk, giving you peace of mind.

Also, as digital radios are software driven, your software will be covered with a maintenance package enabling it to be kept up to date.

2. Can’t I deal with any repairs when something happens?
You could, but if you don’t have your maintenance package in place, you will have repairs to pay for or worst case scenario, you may have to purchase replacement equipment. In addition, you will have longer down time as your repairs won’t get prioritised.

3. Do I need specialist 2-way radio engineers to repair our equipment, can’t we do it ourselves?
2-Way radio technologies are developing at a fast pace, digital radio systems are highly complex devices, as your radio system has become a vital part of your day to day operations, wouldn’t you want specialists making sure that all your equipment is fit for purpose?

Eemits Communications has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality accreditations in place. This ensures that any work undertaken by our staff is subject to stringent processes and procedures, allowing you peace of mind that your investment is being taken care of.

4. This type of maintenance package is really expensive, isn’t it?
No, not in terms of return on investment (ROI), you’ll have less down time, any repair or maintenance will be budgeted for in advance for the period of your maintenance package, and your devices will be supported throughout their life cycle.

An additional benefit of having a maintenance package from Eemits Communications, is that you will benefit from a discount on future purchases.

5.  Do you only deal with Motorola radios for these types of maintenance packages?

No, our engineers have specialist knowledge of many brands of license and license free 2-way radios, including; Motorola, Hytera, Tait, Entel and ICOM.

Before a maintenance package commences, we'll conduct an audit on your equipment, and from this, we'll be able to advise you which maintenance package will be suitable for your radio and day to day operations.

Contact us:  0800 031 5200

Past Projects

Reactive Maintenance Reactive Maintenance

One of Europe's leading emergency response providers is supported by Eemits Communications with a 2 hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) which operates 24/7/365 days a year.

eemits communications - problem solvers eemits communications - problem solvers
Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance

A local authority recently approached Eemits Communications to look at ways to minimise the risk of their 2-way radio system malfunctioning causing a potential health and safety risk to employees when required to work alone.

eemits communications - problem solvers eemits communications - problem solvers

We needed a supplier that could offer speed of response in order to ensure continuity of systems.

Suppliers need to build relationships with clients in order to understand ongoing requirements to enable them to offer effective solutions.

Eemits has demonstrated this type of supplier/client relationship by working with us to find proactive solutions to operational issues.

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