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Our mission is to use our expertise in cutting-edge wireless technologies to deliver bespoke communication solutions to our customers and make them become more efficient and profitable in their everyday operations.

Eemits Communications has been an industry leader for twenty five years.

I believe this is due to the quality of the individually-tailored solutions we create for our customers.

We have always taken the time to ascertain every reason for their current communication needs, and to discuss their plans for the future.

We have then always offered our customers a selection of economically -viable alternatives which have been not only ideal for their situation at the time but also suited to their future requirements.

I believe we have always lived up to our mission statement - in full - and that we will continue to do so for a long time to come.

But don�t just take my word for it - in the following pages read what our customers have to say about the most important aspects of the services we provide.

We look forward to helping you solve your communication issues.

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Craig Matthews
Ph.D. BSc. (Hons.)
Managing Director
Eemits Communications Ltd.

The best way to find out more about how Eemits can solve your communication problems is to call us on 0800 328 0100 to arrange an in-depth discussion of your requirements and how we can best meet them.



"ISO 9001 promotes a process for developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system, to enhance customer satisfaction by always meeting requirements. Eemits adopted this approach in 1993 and have consistently demonstrated their achievement of the quality standards expected of an ISO 9001 registered company, by selecting products and suppliers carefully. Eemits have a system for thoroughly reviewing customer needs and orders, so that supplied products are correctly specified for the intended application with reliable product and service support available when required.

I have always been impressed by the company�s ability to set and achieve challenging targets that meet changing technological and market needs. Eemits have developed and continue to improve their management systems in a way that focuses primarily on satisfying customers� requirements; when problems are anticipated or identified they are addressed promptly and the solutions become tools for improvement. The Company�s commitment to this process has always been apparent."

Robin Hutchinson
Lead Auditor


investors in people

"The company continues to meet the Investors in People Standard, demonstrating a commitment to quality improvement using recognised external standards including ISO 9001:2008. These commitment based practices are those which collectively demonstrate a long-term investment in employees - a philosophy which is at the heart of the IIP Standard.

A recent research project by the Cranfield School of Management showed that organisations perform better when employees have clear goals and supportive HR practices. The study showed that the IIP Standard has a positive impact on a number of non-financial performance indicators including customer satisfaction and innovation as well as on financial performance and profitability.

By investing in employees, Eemits Communications Ltd has increased human resource flexibility and retained motivated and experienced employees who demonstrated their commitment to continuous improvement in interviews with the assessor."

Iris Hillery
MA (HRM), Chartered FCIPD, MIBC
Investors in People Specialist
Ajalon Associates


Eemits Communications Ltd. is a member of the:

North East Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Business, Federation of Communication Services
  • North East Chamber of Commerce
  • Federation of Small Business
  • Federation of Communication Services