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How We Work | Two Way Radio Communication & Training

We use our expertise to work closely with clients to transform business performance

Project Management
Implementation and Training
What We Offer

Project Management

How we manage your project

Eemits work with you to ensure you have the most effective radio communication system in place for your business. We’ll outline and assess your needs to come up with an effective business communication solution to help your staff communicate with one another seamlessly. All of this is done efficiently thanks to our Project Management Methodology (PMM) which is used to manage every aspect of the project effectively.

Outlining your needs

Before we begin finding you the perfect business communication solution, we’ll ensure we understand each of your requirements and relayed that understanding back to you. 

Agile Project Management

Agility is the heart of our PMM, meaning we are able to provide flexibility to project deadlines, changing timelines and more. Being receptive to your needs allows Eemits to provide the most efficient service whenever you need it. 

Project Planning

From day one, our dedicated Project Team sets out to visualise the finished communication solution and will relate this end-vision to the respective company functions that will eventually contribute towards the project.

This visualisation process helps to guide everyone in the same direction and, importantly, helps to minimise any ambiguity or confusion arising.

Working on your Project

To complete your communications project, we’ll outline key tasks, milestones and critical dates. This includes aspects including Initial Review, Design Verification & Validation, Factory Acceptance Test, Site Acceptance Test, Installation Customer Acceptance and ending with an in-depth Project Review.

Effective Communication

Expect effective communication not only for your business but also throughout your project. If you need to get in touch, you’ll be able to find contact information for everyone working on your project. 

How Project Management Methodology helps us

We firmly believe that the investment within our PMM has allowed Eemits to produce business solutions that consistently not only match but exceed, the outlined needs and demands of our customers.


Our unique Project Management Methodology
(PMM) ensures that we work to the highest
standards at all phases of a project

Project Management

Implementation and Training

Two Way Radio Communication Training

Eemits delivers comprehensive two way radio communication training to each customer on our unique TRBOCALL modular platform. This training provides knowledge and practical skills to ensure all radio users within the business can effectively communicate using the system.

The training will be tailored to the individual needs of each business’s system itself. We will provide the trainees with practical instruction on learning basic radio operation, communication skills, and emergency and non-emergency radio use.

The full TRBOCALL system will be demonstrated onsite for all customers. Trainees will leave with a whole host of skills including the understanding of the basic care and functions of a digital radio, battery pack, charger and audio accessories, the value of battery maintenance, right through to how to use the TRBOnet software and how to report audio faults, amongst many other key skills.

Trainees will be issued a Certificate of Completion upon successful accomplishment of demonstrated practical skills.

A user guide will also be designed to be used as a quick reference guide that can be distributed to our customer's radio users. A copy of the training matrix will also be provided that can be used by new radio users who can then sign off this document, forming part of their personal training.


We ensure that your workers know
exactly how to operate each element
of our TRBOCALL platform

Implementation & Training


Once we have installed the TRBOCALL system, we strive to continue to deliver excellent customer service at all times. As such, we provide all of our customers with a repairs and maintenance hotline number to call, of which the enquiry will be dealt with very swiftly.

Our clients have the option to take different aftersales packages with Eemits, including the option to have access to the company 24/7, 365 days a year.

To get in touch with our aftersales team, please call 0800 328 0100.


Choose an aftersales package that
suits your business requirements
and we will adapt around your needs

Implementation & Training