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Who We Are

Who Are Eemits

Who We Are
Our Values
Our Team
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Established in 1986, Eemits Communications is one of the UK’s leading providers of two-way radio communications equipment and we have been supplying our services on a national scale for over 30 years. We are a privately-owned company committed to ensuring that we serve our customers with the best possible technical solution to their needs and follow up with first-class after-service.

Eemits is a company with shared values at the heart of everything that we do on an everyday basis.

Through our continual investment in equipment and network infrastructure, Eemits is proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to bring two-way radio communications into the digital age.

And we have done this through the recent launch of our flagship TRBOCALL product - a unique combination of infrastructure, hardware, bespoke software applications and digital features - that together create an ultra-smart two-way radio system. Already adopted by a range of high profile customers, the system is designed to streamline business critical operations, and as such, significantly increase safety, productivity and operational efficiencies.

As a company, our customers are our number one priority and we strive - under all circumstances - to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. From initial contact and technical onsite demonstrations right through to the installation of our systems, our customers can rest assured that they are consistently receiving trusted and professional advice at every level.

We have been helping
businesses for over 30 years

We work closely with customers to transform
business performance

Our Team

Our Values

Eemits Vision

Whenever a new or existing two-way radio user in the UK thinks of procuring two way radio goods and services they will automatically consider Eemits Communications Ltd to be their supplier of choice.

Eemits Mission

We transform our customers’ business operations by keeping workers safe, increasing productivity, and driving efficiency with ultra-smart digital two-way radio solutions.

Eemits Core Values
  • Respect: When we combine our individual personalities and skills and work together we are more successful than when we work alone.
  • Enthusiasm: We're positive and passionate about the job we do because we know it makes the difference between success and failure
  • Achievement: If we continually develop and improve ourselves we will be successful in exceeding our aspirations and goals
  • Commitment: If we do the job right, first time, on time and every time we’re more likely to succeed than fail
  • Honesty: Doing the right thing even if the right thing is hard to do builds successful relationships.

We work closely with our clients to ensure
they adopt a system that works for them

Our tailored approach means that we can work on improving certain
business areas that really matter to them

Our Team

Our Team

Our organisation has been designed in a manner that is geared towards providing first class customer service in everything that we do. Every person that works within Eemits is, first and foremost, focused upon the impact that their everyday work has upon the end customer. No one individual or department operates in isolation as everyone is fully aware of how much we depend upon each to successfully get the job done and support our customers.


Our engineering excellence is pivotal to the range of industry leading technical solutions to the marketplace. From radio programming to bespoke installations and further onto ground-breaking technological innovation – the Eemits engineering expertise continues to set the pace in maximising the true potential for two-way radio. The onset of digital two-way radio has opened up so many opportunities for companies to make measurable and tangible operational improvements in terms of productivity, efficiency and safety. The days of radios being used just for communications are long in the past and our engineering efforts have ensured that Eemits is at the forefront of digital technology through the development and availability of TRBOCALL.


Eemits has a dedicated service team in place that enables us to cater for and support our customers’ needs and requirements whilst also quickly resolving any unforeseen issues.

From receipt of sales order right through to site installation and aftercare – we pride ourselves upon our success in looking after our customers and developing our relationship into long-term business partnerships.

We have made significant investments in both staff training and development whilst also making mirror investment within our company integrity through the successful achievement of recognised standards including ISO 45001, 9001, 14001, Investors in People and many other recognised and accredited kitemarks.


We have a dedicated team of customer sales advisors who are fully knowledgeable and competent in all aspects of our two-way radio solutions. Our sales approach is one that this governed by our understanding of customer needs and then developing solutions to meet that need in every aspect. Eemits is not a price-led organisation and we do not engage in ever-decreasing sales quotations - instead we have a needs and values approach that still allows us to remain very price competitive without sacrificing excellent customer service.


Our fully qualified finance team have many years of experience in successfully managing customer orders, invoicing and contractual terms. Our customer-first approach to all business aspects ensures that all financial requirements, queries, issues and concerns are handled and managed in a professional and expedient manner.

Our strengths lie in technical excellence and we are well known for our engineers and technician's knowledge and expertise in providing solutions for even the most technically challenging projects.