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Service Wrap

What We Offer

The Eemits Service Wrap provides you with a complete set of services that address the support, maintenance, repair, monitoring, and upgrades required to keep your ultra smart digital two way radio system operating at your target performance levels. These services are delivered with industry-leading tools and processes to ensure faster resolution of system issues, minimize interruptions and outages and improve your overall experience of the services received. We will engage and collaborate with you to build an operations and management plan to achieve goals that matter to you whilst addressing your specific needs.

End-to-end management of system faults via a single point of contact who takes full ownership from the moment an incident is detected to its resolution.

Uncompromised management of services delivered to ensure they are consistent with pre-agreed KPIs and SLAs plus regular reporting for your review.

Dedicated service team proactively monitoring for system issues. When actionable events are identified, remote diagnosis is conducted and measures are taken to resolve problems remotely. If necessary, a local field technician is dispatched to the affected site to resolve the issue.

Planned system upgrades, implementation and change management services required to maintain your system at the highest level of support to get the most value from your investment with the latest features and security enhancements.

Infrastructure asset management to aggregate and manage your entire system's hardware and software status and information.

Spare parts management to optimize your inventory control and logistics process which ensures you have the right number and types of parts when needed - ultimately minimizing capital expenditure and reducing the number of unneeded parts.

Our customers can have full peace
of mind as trbocall comes with a
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Service Wrap