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What We Offer
Direct Mode

Available for up to 200 users, this simple connection allows all radios to have the capacity to connect direct in various forms including radio-to-radio, with basic voice, data, text and applications support. This connection is an ideal solution for use when all radios are in range of each other.

Single Site Conventional

Available for up to 200 users, the single site conventional system allows two-way radio communication to happen via a repeater to offer seamless coverage. Greater coverage in difficult locations can be achieved with a network of repeaters via the Digital Voting option.

IP Site Connect

A series of repeaters can be linked together with the IP network, enhancing the voice and data capabilities of the system. Available for up to 200 users, the system can be used across 15 independent geographical locations. Eemits can also assist with linking up the communications between up to 15 sites creating coverage across a wide area network.

Capacity Plus for Single Sites

As a single digital trunking system, the dynamic Capacity Plus is a cost-effective solution that can provide capacity for a single site with wide ranging coverage.

Capacity Plus for Multiple Sites

The digital trunking system can connect up to 15 independent sites each with up to eight voice repeaters and up to 12 dedicated data repeaters to provide cost effective coverage.

Capacity Max

We have recently invested heavily in integrating a new digital system - the MOTOTRBO Capacity Max - which enables our customers to save a significant amount of money without the need for upfront expenditure on hefty radio infrastructure whilst also reducing administration requirements in obtaining Ofcom licences. And what's more, we also offer unrivalled network coverage with an interrupted service.

The Capacity Max is independently connected using IP architecture, which integrated with our unique combination of hardware and software applications, brings forward two-way radio communications and commercial operations into the digital age.

Offering the best infrastructure in the North East, Eemits currently manages its network from five hill top radio transmitter sites across the region. With built-in diagnostics, combined with many layers of redundancy, no single failure can bring the system down, meaning we can provide uninterrupted service to our clients at any given time.

For ultimate security - guaranteeing our customers full peace of mind - we have also installed spare battery back-up for the SLR 5500 repeaters, in the unlikely event of a power failure at the radio transmitter locations.

With wide area network coverage, our robust infrastructure is scalable, which means that eventually we aim for the MOTOTRBO Capacity Max network to be available on a nationwide basis.

We can guarantee an uninterrupted,
unrivalled and secure service on our
mototrbo capacity max